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Health Status Indicators for Populations in New Zealand

Health Status Indicators for Populations in New ZealandAmy A. BulsecoIdentify four current health status indicators for three diverse groups from national and international perspective. New Zealand ChildrenOne of the target groups of the Ministry of Health are the children of age group 0- 14 years. The early stages of life are one of the most important factors that one has to consider in health because it determines how healthy adulthood and advanced age would be (Ministry of Health 2012). Research conducted by the Ministry of Health on health programs are used to address certain issues of specific population groups.Obesity is one of the health indicators identified for the New Zealand Children:It was identified that 10% of children under the age 2-14 years old in New Zealand are obese and this constitutes about 91,000 children in the population. While, two in ten (21%) children aged 2-14 y/o were overweight but not obese or an estimated number of 184,000 children.

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